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An alternative to one of our most proudest pieces, we offer the Slifer Bracelet in resin form. In a stunning red color, it has the potential to add a bit more variety to your jewelry collection, even if not in metal. 

Same exact design, same detailing, same focus to quality as with our standard stainless steel bracelet, just in a different material at a more affordable price. 


We have created two sizes of the bracelet that will fit almost everybody. Here is how to find your size:

Find the distance between the edges of your pinky finger and your index finger. If it is under 2.5 inches, then get the small. 

If it is over 2.5 inches, then the large would be the option for you. 

This is so the bracelet will comfortably fit over your hand when putting it on and off, and ensuring that once it is on it will sit beautifully on your wrist.

Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding sizing.