Q: My product never shipped, or ever got to my door. What do I do?

A: In the event that this happens, email us at ascensionindustryy@gmail.com, and we will do our best to resolve this. Please be aware that once the product is in the hands of USPS there is very little we can do.

Q: I purchased my product 2 days ago, why has it not shipped?

A: Our shipping options are standard shipping 7-15 business days, and expedited shipping 5-10 business days. 5 business days are the equivalent to a week, as they cover Monday to Friday. They do not include weekends or holidays. If you chose standard shipping, you can expect your package to be shipped between 1-3 weeks. If you chose expedited you can expect your package to be shipped between 1-2 weeks.

Q: I've never heard of this brand. How do I know its trustworthy?

A: We're a new company, of course you haven't heard of us. However, we can guarantee that our products are of the highest quality. If there are any issues, let us know and we will do our best to resolve this. 

Q: When and how often are drops?

A: Whenever we release a new collection, we will make it public weeks in advance, and the collection will remain available for purchase on our website until our inventory is sold out. We are constantly planning and working on new collections, so rest assured that when one drops, we are already working on the next 2. Drops should happen roughly every 1-2 months.

Q: I want a refund for my product.

A: We do not offer refunds or returns on any product, meaning all sales are final. We will only offer replacements for irreparably defective items if provided proof through email or DM.